Corey and Ryan
Dear Birthmom We'd Like To Introduce Ourselves
We’re Corey, a database administrator (sort of a computer programmer) and Ryan, a project manager for a consulting company. Our son, Silas, came into our lives at 5-weeks-old in February 2016. We’ve been together for over nine years, and we celebrated our seven-year wedding anniversary this past spring. We own a small single-family home on the Northwest side of Chicago. We love family, food, cooking, animals, gardening, and travel. We want to complete our family by adopting another child.
We are excited to adopt again!
Things We Will Teach Our Children
  • How to love themselves
  • The value of a formal education
  • Where their food comes from
  • The value of a strong work ethic
  • How to be self-sufficient
  • how to take care of animals
  • About their own and other cultures