Bought our house in 2008, and were married in the spring of 2009. Our friends often note how well we complement each other. Ryan is a planner and an organizer, while Corey tends to be more of a dreamer and likes to physically (and figuratively) get his hands on home projects, such as our quail hutches, selfwatering vegetable garden, chicken coop, and other food-producing projects. We adopted our first child, Silas, in 2015.

One of the notable things about us is that we grow a good deal of our own food on our property in the city of Chicago — which really requires both of our skill sets to achieve. We love to cook, especially for our friends. We also love to travel, and we recently visited South Korea and took a road trip through the US Pacific Northwest.

A day in our household starts early. Corey usually tends to our outdoor animals, while Ryan makes breakfast, preps lunches, gets our son ready for school and feeds our two dogs and our cat. We prep for the day ahead while listening to NPR, walk the dogs, then we’re off to drop off Silas at his bilingual daycare before heading into work. We try and both leave work at the same time so we can pick up Silas together before heading home to make dinner, get Silas bathed and into bed, and prepare for another day.

One of the defining conversations we had about our relationship was around whether or not we were interested in having children. This talk happened right as we started dating, and it was a make-or-break factor in the relationship for Corey. Now that we have a son, we can’t wait to add another member to our family.