Corey’s family along with his sisters-in-lawRyan’s dad’s extended familyCorey with his brothers, Greg & Phil
The People We Love
Ryan is originally from the Cape Canaveral, Florida area, and Corey is from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Our families are important parts of both our lives, and we travel a few times a year for major holidays and to stay in touch. We have a lot of friends, many who are parents themselves, that we love to have over and to go out with to share our love of music, food and trashy television!
Ryan’s parents are divorced but both still live in the same community in Florida. Ryan has one sister, Aften, who lives in Los Angeles, CA, and a cousin who was raised as his sister, Breeanna, who recently graduated from high school and lives in his hometown. Ryan’s sister will give birth to her first child in July 2016. Ryan’s Dad’s extended family is very close and he sees his aunts, uncles, cousins, and their families at least once a year and communicates with them on the phone, by email, and via social media quite frequently. While having most of his family in Florida can sometimes be difficult, modern communications technology makes it easy to stay close, even when there’s a bit of physical distance in place.
Corey has two older brothers. One is a Urology surgeon in Indiana, the other is a Philosophy professor in the University of Texas system. Both brothers are married, and one of them just had their first baby last summer.
Ryans cousin & sisterWith our parents
Silas was born in January 2015 in central Florida and came to live with us in February 2015 after his birth parents decided to make an adoption plan with us. We are still in contact with them, and have the opportunity to meet up and visit with them when we go home to visit Ryan’s family, as Silas is from the same community where Ryan grew up.
Silas loves animals, especially bunnies, and is growing up so fast. He currently enjoys playing on his collection of toy instruments, running around the house, being read to, and sitting on his booster hair, watching us cook. SILAS COULDN’T BE A HAPPIER LITTLE GUY, and has convinced us that we’re ready to bring a little brother or sister into his life. During the week, Silas attends a Montessori school where they work on all the basics on a daily basis. We’ve been thrilled with the support the school gives us in helping Silas develop from a baby into a wonderful little person. Even though he’s only a year-and-a-half-old, we’re already starting the potty training process and hope to have that wrapped up before he’s two years old.
We love our pets and other animals. 
Our pets include two dogs, Hank and Max, four and five-years-old, and a grey cat, Aldo, whom we got in the Spring of 2014 as an eightweek- old kitten. The dogs are from animal shelters, and we got the cat (literally) from a flea market. The ever-changing array of our outside animals aren’t quite “pets” like the cats and dogs are, but they’re important part of our lives, too.